Kursunlu Waterfall



Kursunlu Waterfall is on a terrain rich in flora amongst the pine trees 7 km ahead when turned to left at the 24th km of the Antalya-Mersin road.

A canyon for 2 km shapes the environs of the waterfall falls front 18 m where 7 small lakes connect each other through small falls. The area is open to visitors since 1986. Waterfall and picnic area cover 33 hectares of land.

Kursunlu Waterfall falls from about 10 m and forms a small pool where fresh water tortoises, crabs and fish live in. A small mill restored during the environmental arrangements is located in the west side of the area. Picnic area provides picnic comfort with the fountains, seats, grills and playgrounds.



Kursunlu Waterfall is a small fall set amid a cool, pine forest. The rich flora and fauna of its environs make it the prime location for ecotourism activities such as nature walking, and plant and animal life observation. Walking at Kursunlu, amidst the unique atmosphere scented with blackberries, wild roses, and the aromas of many other plants, might lead to a chance of encountering with rabbits, squirrels, woodpeckers, tortoises or other small animals.


Waterfall may not seem that big and amazing to you but the picnic area and the promenade on the banks of the stream formed by the waters of the waterfall is quite interesting in terms of variety of the plants. This area is called as Plant Tunnel and attracts the visitors because of the flora except winters.

Pristine air and enchanting scenery compel many visitors to the nature park for daily trips of recreation and picnics. There are viewing terraces, playgrounds, car park and other amenities available for visitors.

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