Kervansaray Termal Convetion & Spa offers thermal hot spring pools with healing water rich in useful minerals, one heated indoor pool and one outdoor pool for summer use for all its guests to benefit free-of-charge. The thermal indoor and outdoor swimming pools are open for joint use by males, females and minors.
Termal Kaplıca Merkezi (Thermal Hot Spring Center)
In a part of the historical building, the traditional Byzantine and Turkish bath and hot spring culture has been preserved without amending the historical fabric of the facility. The section for use by men has an impressive and healing 20m² swimming pool that is 1.50 cm deep and contains water at an average temperature of 40ºC. (The original temperature of the spring water at 42-44 ºC falls down to 40 ºC by the time it reaches the pool from the source.) The pool contains oligometallic and hypotonic mineral water rich in bicarbonate and calcium ions.
A separate section for use by women has a 12m² and 1.35 m deep thermal pool and a changing room. The pool for use by children is also located in this area.
After vacationing here and improving your health, you will feel revived and active when leaving this historical place with good memories, putting the facility on the list of your favorite destinations.

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